EDUSTEMS is changing the way people think. Being born in a world of opacity where each software development has variable costs and strings attached and each incremental request comes with pricing and cost impact and each software project in only supported in the wake of an AMC which ranges from 25 – 35% of project cost, EDUSTEMS is turning around perception by providing ALL ITS SERVICES AT A SINGLE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. We live in a world of relationships and EDUSTEMS is helping build reliable education systems and a steady stream of liveable respectable income earning entrepreneurs on the basis of those relationships.


If a picture is worth a 1000 words a relationship is worth a 1000 pictures. You heard it right. It takes time, effort, chemistry, trust and instinct to define a relationship and build it to a level of success. As humans we build maybe a 150 great relationships, 300 good ones and over that everyone is an acquaintance. Now weigh those numbers against money and it seems like nothing. Quite the contrary. It’s Money that’s more easily found and relationships that are hard to get. We at EDUSTEMS not only realize but appreciate the value of such relationships, and this is why we ask our partners to tell us openly, plainly what works for them and what doesn’t and how can we collectively as an organization improve and make our impact in society even more positive.


Relationships are a key component of getting your foot in the door. EDUSTEMS is trusted by tens of thousands of people to excel and deliver at the services it promises. All said and done it is after all a system. Our organization is built on the bond of performance we create with our partners as well as what our partners create with our clients. We trust our partners will tell us everything, every problem and every success with our clients. Our partners and our clients trust us to fix any issues occurring or potentially that could occur thereby providing a QUALITY of service like none other.


Being a platform that can be virtually used in any and all countries, EDUSTEMS is built on the foundation of transparency. Right from the initial communication to delivery and implementation, the team at EDUSTEMS communicates the same message. Being transparent builds trust, enhances relationships and is the very foundation for why we can seamlessly operate in multiple countries and multiple channel partners.