Channel Partner - Success

How can I succeed as a Channel Partner?

There are two activities which our Channel Partners have to do well. Know their relationships to enable conversations and on board customers and be the bridge between EDUSTEMS and those customers to ensure transparency, satisfaction and a level of service which is core to EDUSTEMS.

Generating a Lead is important. That’s why we are in business to service customers. In order to generate a customer you need to IMMF.


Schools, Colleges, Day Schools, Training Institutes. These may not be in your immediate contact, however you may be surprised how many you can connect to. The furniture salesman friend, who supplies to schools and can introduce you there, the plumber or local vendor who the school turns to for last minute purchases, who you know very well and of course all your friends who have their kids or grand kids going to schools in the area. These are all fantastically competent references of areas that you could use to increase your connections to educational institutions.


EDUSTEMS provides you with a range of collateral in the form or PDF brochures, Videos, Power point presentations and taking points to communicate what we are all about and how can the institution benefit from our approach and what we can do to create that needed impact. Send them collateral provided, Talk and Instant message. It’s important to get the word out.


Most meetings when they happen it’s after the curiosity has been sparked in the client’s mind of how can a system like EDUSTEMS exist. We have a heard a lot of cases where institutions reach out and ask us HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? It’s important our channel partners demonstrate the product to clients. How we help you here – We provide you with an entire platform for your usage and practice. You can add teacher, courses, batches, subjects, students, parents etc. enter data, generate fee receipts etc. so you know how the platform functions and are capable of explaining it all if needed. We train you on the ‘How To’s’ and also support you with online training manuals, support desks to answer any specific question you have not been able to get an answer for. Implementing EDUSTEMS is how you make money. Although generating a lead is important – we only get paid if the institution moves ahead with the implementation.


The One crucial aspect of the sales process is FOLLOW UP. Most people lack persistence. If there was a fourth culture we would advocate throughout the EDUSTEMS team - its persistence.

Ok – so you’ve demonstrated the product, now what? You need to follow up with the institution and get a go ahead for implementing EDUSTEMS.