Edustems is a COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE cloud based digital infrastructure management solution for educational instittions, complete with an integrated mobile app.This helps educational institutions manage the journey of a student throughout their student life, manage teacher and staff based processes, derive state of the art analytics on quality of education imparted and how these can be improved upon and a library of over 100 customized AI and Machine Learning based academic, financial, administrative and governmental reports all available at will. From Inquiries,Applications, Admissions, to Leaving Certificates and Transcripts, from courses, batches andsubjects to examinations, time tables and fee payments, student attendance, to report cards and marksheets, EDUSTEMS handles it all.

Why Edustems

Edustems offers educational institutions the ability to completely customize the platform according to their Internal processes while retaining group requirements if they have any. Edustems also offers a guarantee of acceptability, i.e.; no charges are paid by the institution unless the system delivered is as per requirements. Edustems offers over 45 modules and functionalities.

Why Edustems

There are a number of reasons why in a short span of 4 years Edustems has won prestigious awards and is one of the fastest growing and most accepted and appreciated educational institution management solution.

Why Edustems

Complete customization, State of the art analytics, parents, teachers, students, administrative teams, inventory managers, suppliers, digital commerce carts and much much more, all available on Edustems at less than Rs. 15 a month.

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