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EDUSTEMS is the only platform of it's type in the world. Its features gives it a capability of being unique and customized to every school, every college, every Montessori, every training institute. It brings a sense of personality, to the world of education. At the same time, the templated approach to execution, the base code structured for faster implementation and the combination of skill and knowledge helps EDUSTEMS understand, ideate and deliver a best in class solution at subscription level prices.

One of the biggest challenges schools, colleges, training and skill developmental institutes face today is the ability to change. Technological advances demand that schools adapt a more digital approach to management and evaluation of students, teachers and quality of education. However, most institutes are faced with a singular question AFFORDABILITY. How can an institution justify the high investment costs of CAPEX against a backdrop of increasing spend on teaching resources, what about changing needs - who is to pay for changing proprietary software for meeting newer needs of reporting and process changes, who is to build overheads of expertise to understand, translate and implement technology changes? EDUSTEMS = the answer to all of the above and much more

EDUSTEMS is a True Subscription software offering of its type that has fully customized features, functions and looks for every school based on the extensive capabilities of the platform. Customizations, New modules and even minor custom code are built completely free of cost.

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