Channel Partner - FAQ's


TRANSPARENCY is key to communication. We at EDUSTEMS recognize that revenue is key to every Channel Partner and therefore what we invoice and earn from every institution of every channel partner is shown in the Channel Partner Desk at EDUSTEMS.

The Channel Partner Desk is an online account of your activities. Your Leads, Which Institutions are on the verge of coming on board, Institutions and their Student counts that you have brought on-board, Our Revenue from them and your revenue earned as a percentage of that revenue. It’s that simple. In case of any issues please use the help button on the Channel Partner Desk to ask any clarification or raise any alert or question with regards to any detail about your business and we’ll be happy to answer.

EDUSTEMS firmly believes that every effort must be rewarded and therefore keeping in mind globally spread institutions we have determined the following to be most appropriate and fair to all our Channel Partners.


Sales are the activities that the Channel Partner carries out to introduce EDUSTEMS to the institution, and follows up by answering all the questions about EDUSTEMS till the institution gives a go ahead. This is where the Sales Process Ends.

Post the go ahead, Documents and Information needs to be collected and delivered to the development team for customization, and then there is the coordination that needs to happen between the development account manager and the institution on acceptability of design and processes till EDUSTEMS goes live. Making regular calls and follow ups ensures that the system is working optimally for the institution and any changes needed are done. This is the service work that needs to get completed. EDUSTEMS recognizes the both the efforts involved and a % of the revenue is dedicated towards each.

Case #1

Local Institution – Same Channel Partner for Sales and Service. This is how most of the Channel Partner’s revenue will occur. The same channel partner will be responsible for sales and service. In this case the entire percentage of revenue shared will be credited to the channel partner.

Case #2

Regional Institution with a local presence - There are certain institutions that are more regional in nature. Example – play school chains which operate on a Franchise model, Colleges with different areas of education, schools which operate on a franchise or a shared curriculum model. These institutions behave differently at different times. In some cases the local institution is empowered to make a decision based on their need. In others, it’s the Head Quarters or the Management of the institutions that make decisions and this is implemented in all. In cases like these, it gets impossible for the channel partner to service all these schools on their own and other channel partners are needed. In such since there is a clear demarcation between sales and service, we at EDUSTEMS believe that both channel partners should be rewarded for their efforts. Therefore the percentage share of the revenue is split between the two partners.