Channel Partner - Experience

I was introduced to EDUSTEMS through a friend of mine who asked me to meet Sameer over a cup of coffee. On hearing of EDUSTEMS my initial reaction was - It's just not possible. This kind of value for this price - just not possible. It took me a few days and i asked a lot of questions on what if scenerios for customization or for feature development and all Sameer kept saying was either "we have it" or "its included in the price".

Knowing that my friend from a long time wouldn't steer me wrong, I went ahead and organized a few meetings with some school owners i knew and asked them for 30 minutes each. Sameer luckily was travelling to Chennai, India and said he would demo the system when he was there, and take all the questions. We did 10 demonstrations in 2 days... and in demo after demo after demo after seeing and hearing of the system and responses from Sameer.. the one thing they all had in common was - How is this being made possible?

It's only been a few months, but today i can actually demonstrate EDUSTEMS answer about 90% of the questions and what I can't answer i quickly check with Sameer or the Account team at EDUSTEMS and revert to my customers. In the last three months we've closed institutions with approximately 4000 students and have created a pipeline of institutions with over 130,000 students which I'm hoping will close in the next 3 months. EDUSTEMS account and development teams have always supported, followed up and been extremely responsive to my requests.