Edustems: Seamless Education Management At Zero Cost

In this world of ballooning educational demands, institutions require to look toward software tools or platforms to propel their progress in the right direction. However, education institutions are not ready for extensive financial investments. Sameer Tejuja the Founder Director of Edustems (, has a master’s degrees in the field of Finance and Information Systems from the US, worked 27 years leading tech teams of Investment management and software companies. In one of his client engagements, Sameer had the opportunity to visit a school. He observed that all the printed data pinned on the school’s notice board can be organized via a proper management platform. However, what was more astonishing was the reluctant stance of the school authorities to invest valuable resources in a software tool, which according to them may or may not work out- given the extensive amounts of rearrangements required to deploy the solution.

After 7 months of research, Sameer & team created a common platform that was so unique in architecture as well as customization capability that it would provide the benefits of large-scale low-cost implementation and manage personalization. Financial engineering did the rest and laid the foundation to EDUSTEMS.

Edustems is an education management platform with features that give it a capability of being unique and customized to every school, every college, every Montessori, every training institute. Bringing in a sense of personalization to the education institutions, its template-based approach to execution, and base code structure for faster implementation helps EDUSTEMS understand, ideate, and deliver a best in class solution at Zero Cost options.

A Relief in the Learning & Teaching Dilemma
As a platform, Edustems offers a myriad of modules to meet clients’ needs. Student Management is a core need for any institution and Edustems offers capabilities right from applications for admission to issuance of leaving certificates and everything in between.

Tracking, recording, analyzing, and evaluating, every action by the student every day, form a part of Edustems’ superior analytics and reporting capabilities. Edustems also excels at helping institutions manage their administrative needs. Areas like seamless fee collections, outstanding and receivable reminders & analytics, payroll & compliances, RFID attendance and tracking management for admin & teachers, Inventory management, Canteen Management, Visitor Management, Event Management, and much more are facilitated by Edustems.

The most crucial segment in this domain being Academics Management is the core strength of Edustems. Enabling institutions track timetables and curriculum is easy. Edustems goes a notch further into understanding the impact of curriculum delivered and evaluations of students through its automated online examination portals and through utilization of technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, draws inferences on quality of education imparted. This helps in understanding each student’s learning values & culture, identifying leaders & peer benchmarks, and educators & their benchmarks. All this at the click of a button on Edustems.

EDUSTEMS offers all the above to educational institutions at ZERO COST for the entire lifetime.
Edustems continuously eases the process while increasing the quality of educating and learning. While the world moves on to the digital world of learning, it is not easier for teachers to cope with the technological need of the hour.

Therefore, Edustems launched its online platform Demy ( – an online teaching platform to help teachers with functionalities like online blackboards and group collaboration capabilities. Demy also allows teacher to give access to students to recorded lectures so they can study and revise topics at their convenience. Anytime, anywhere and with any device.

" Edustems has incorporated building blocks of artificial intelligence and drag & drop process management into its capabilities "

Edustems has incorporated building blocks of Artificial Intelligence and drag & drop process management into its capabilities. The platform offers a ready school template so the user can go online and get started the very next day. School authorities often hesitate to think they might as well hire a software solution provider, brief them about their requirements and get a solution directly, rather than deploying a management platform. However, what the principals and Trustees do not know is that once the contract is signed, every change is chargeable. With the pace at which technology is penetrating every industry, who can tell what future as in store for Education sector and what changes it might bring in. Currently, the only answer to the skeptical school management is, as Sameer puts it, “Why would you want to spend money when a much better solution is available at Zero Cost?”

With the advent of the National Education Policy and the thrust towards digitization due to COVID-19 and other factors, education management has never been more needed. Edustems has been realized as the best option by several institutions in the last few months. Edustems has expanded its markets and is actively marketing itself in 9 states in India. Edustems takes pride in being able to add states of Delhi NCR, UP, Orissa, Gujarat, MP, and Kerala in addition to the states of TN, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The platform has also been accepted internationally, while Edustems has appointed representatives in Sri Lanka, Singapore, USA and is in active negotiations for Malaysia and UAE. Their Global delivery Centre and secure cloud-based technology gives them the ability to service clients anytime, anywhere. With over 45 modules to pick and choose from and each completely customized to every need, Edustems clearly has the domain expertise and thought leadership.

As schools, colleges and universities all over the world get technologically smarter, there exists a tremendous need for innovation on not just education curriculum but tracking and delivery of curriculum as well. Personalization and innovation using artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology available at Zero Cost options is why, in our opinion, Edustems is the Education Technology Company of the Year.